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Bishop Rotary - Royal Blue - Clipcord 3.5 str - Ink Stop Consumables


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Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines are available in a range of colours from Barber DTS including Blood Red Black, Platinum Silver, and Royal Blue. Not only does this range of tattoo machines look great but they are also incredibly lightweight giving the artist the feeling of ‘weightlessness’. The machine weighs only 115g and has been specially designed to flow with the weight of the tube. Because the machine is so lightweight it has helped a number of artists with common issues associated with tattooing including carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint related problems of the hand and wrist. Not only does this improve the level of an artist’s comfort but also allows them to work for longer periods without pausing for a break. Each machine is hand assembled to ensure the function and fit are 100% and have been anodised to aircraft industry standards. All Bishops Rotary machines now have a new Swiss Maxon Motor which runs at 1 volt lower than the previous models. It also eliminates the need for rubber bands to create down force on the needle as it uses a ‘needle cap’. These machine are available in a clip cord connection and have a stroke length of 3.5mm.