Dark Horse Tattoo Cartridges

Dark horse premium tattoo cartridges.
They are exactly what it says on the tin!!

Lets get down to the nitty. There are lots of cartridge brands on the market today with that in mind we wanted to bring something fresh to the artists table.... An underdog.

In every sense a Dark horse!!!

Inside the box you’ll find 20 premium quality cartridges starting at £16.00 per box they are exceptionally good value. Dark horse cartridges are made from the finest quality medical grade steel and are manufactured to an extremely high standard. EO sterilised and rigorously tested these cartridges offer amazing consistency and an unbelievable ease of use. They fit perfectly in 99%  of machines  and provide a superb ink flow with the added security of a soft rubber membrane to stop ink back wash. Dark horse cartridges don’t rattle, when you first hear the sound of these cartridges in your pen it will be music to your ears. They are well designed  so you can clearly see where the needles are going, you get a perfect view for both line work and shading giving you total control over your work flow. Brilliantly designed for the perfectionist you will not be disappointed with Dark horse premium cartridges.