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Unigloves Black Pearl Nitrile Gloves - Ink Stop Consumables

Unigloves Black Pearl Nitrile Gloves

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These gloves from Uniglove are manufactured from a specialist material called nitrile. This means these gloves are 100% latex free, which is ideal for those artists and clients that may have a latex allergy. The Black Pearl Nitrile gloves from Uniglove are also powder free, minimising the risks of contamination during the tattoo process, as well as keeping the area clean and sanitary. They are black in colour to disguise any ink stains that may accumulate during the session and become a distraction when tattooing. Choose high quality gloves in a variety of sizes to ensure that you always have the right supplies on hand in your studio. Wearing the wrong size of gloves can be very risky and affect your tattooing abilities.