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MAGNUM Tattoo Tips Sizes 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 for use with Colourer or Shader Tattoo Needles

Sterile Plastic MAGNUM Tattoo Tips - These plastic products are all individually packed and sterilized for single use. They will eliminate any discolouration of your inks that you can get from using stainless steel tips. These tips are great for you if you like the balance and weight of your stainless steel grips but want a single use disposable tip.

Please remember that if you are ordering these to fit a (D/SM) Double Stack magnum needle then i.e. a 11 double stack magnum would only be 6 needles wide (5 on top of 6) so you would want a M7 tip.

See Example:
M5 Tips/Tubes = Needles: F4, F5, M5, CM5, D/SM7, D/SM9
M7 Tips/Tubes = Needles: F6, F7, M7, CM7, D/SM9, D/SM11, D/SM13
M9 Tips/Tubes = Needles: F9, M9, CM9, D/SM15
M11 Tips/Tubes = Needles: F11, M11, CM11
M13 Tips/Tubes = Needles: M13, CM13
M15 Tips/Tubes = Needles: M15, CM15