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Envy Magum Shader - Ink Stop Consumables

Envy Magum Shader

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Contains 50 needles per box, except 23+ size shaders which contain 20 per box. These Magnum shader needles are made up of seven individual needles arranged in two parallel rows. They are attached to a singular needle bar for easy insertion in to your tattoo machine. Pre sterilised with ethylene oxide gas, these needles are supplied in individual packets in boxes of 20 for your convenience. Perfect for smaller areas of defined shading, magnums can deliver stunning results when used in the correct manner. A key factor to remember when using magnum needles is to always hold them so they enter the skin at an angle. If the needle is held straight, it can stick to the skin and cause it to jump which is painful for the client and can spoil the appearance of the tattoo.