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S8 Tattooing Barrier Gel - 2 oz Tub - Ink Stop Consumables

S8 Tattooing Barrier Gel - 2 oz Tub

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his unique 2-in-1 stencil transfer gel cleans and prepares the skin before serving as the transfer medium. Applying a small amount of this tattoo barrier gel to the skin cleans away oils and dead skin cells, increasing the quality of transfers. Then, a unique botanical blend moves stencils from the transfer paper and adheres them to the skin, locking the stencil down on the molecular level. It cleans away oils and dead skin cells, which increases the quality of the stencil transfers.

When used with other S8 products, like the RED Stencil Paper and RED Tattoo Stencil Gel, RED tattoo barrier gel will last longer than all competitors. And thanks to S8's system minded approach, RED doesn’t smear, smudge or wipe away until you want it to. This petroleum-free, propylene glycol-free, all-natural blend is safe for all skin types and optimized for use with S8 RED Transfer Paper.