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Tattoo Goo Aftercare Lotion

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Tattoo Goo is a popular and frequently relied upon solution when it comes to tattoo aftercare, it provides a hugely effective and basic aftercare product that is incredibly quick and easy to apply, but really does help you heal faster and protects your new tattoos against infection and fading. The Healix Gold Formula is noted by tattoo artists around the world for the superior healing it provides. This particular product has combined that healing with Panthenol; the world's most highly recommended aftercare ingredient. Tattoo Goo have over fourteen years of experience producing tattoo aftercare products, and this particular option is a combination of their most successful and effective items combined to produce the most advanced option in aftercare in the world.

The lotion doesn't contain any alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, mineral oils or fragrance, and it has been dermatologically tested, to ensure that this is a non-greasy, completely safe option that won't clog your pores and cause you any problems you don't need. This absorbs quickly into the skin, which helps with healing and prevents the tattoo from scabbing, it contains vitamin Panthenol, which is an effective healing agent, and olive oil, which moisturises the skin. This provides you with a perfect barrier against bacteria and helps to ensure that you experience faster healing without any potentially harsh chemicals.