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Fresh, fierce, and fabulous… It can only be the iconic Summer Marlow, a.k.a Etch Cosmetics. Summer is one of the best in the business and, with the essential Etch Blade, you can be the same.

Featuring a curve-flexi needle structure, this nano blade is perfect for achieving ultra-fine, natural looking hairstrokes with every use.

At Cosmedic Supplies, we pride ourselves on supplying artists with the safest, highest-quality, products. Each Etch Blade is individually EO-gas sterilized to ensure every technician meets the highest safety and hygiene standards.


The Etch Blade is extremely flexible, ideal for practitioners looking to create intricate, and detailed, hair strokes. Summer’s 12CF 0.18mm blade has been designed to help artists achieve super-crisp results that cause minimal trauma to the skin and heal to reveal the most striking results.


Our blades are all made of the strongest stainless steel. This helps to create results that are super sharp and precise, making blurred strokes a problem of the past.


Each microblade is individually packaged in an EO gas sterilized blister pack to ensure total sanitization. Every pack is marked with a lot number, manufacture date and expiration date.

12CF 0.18MM