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Tattoo Stencil making kit to make line drawing for skin

This pack is used to make a stencil / line drawing of the design you want to transfer to the skin prior to tattooing. Thousands of our customers believe our HectoCarbon paper is the best in the world and it leaves a thick residue on the tracing paper to make your tattoo stencil. The tracing paper we supply is 63 gram which is thick enough not to rip while making your tracing, but thin enough to apply the stencil to any part of the body.

Packs include:
20 Sheets x Tracing Paper A4 size
20 Sheets x Hecto Carbon Transfer Paper A4 size
10 Sheets x Tracing Paper A4 size
10 Sheets x Hecto Carbon Transfer Paper A4 size

Directions for use:
Use a good ball point pen or a good hard pencil when drawing / tracing then trace over your design with the tracing paper creating a line drawing. Put the tracing paper on top of the carbon and redraw over the design lines making sure that the carbon side of the carbon paper is facing upwards. This will leave a carbon residue on the underside of the tracing paper. Cut around the design on the tracing paper using scissors and apply it to the skin so that the carbon is applied. You must make sure that you have prepared the skin correctly with a Transfer / Stencil fluid first. When the carbon has dried to the skin you can apply a small amount of Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly to help seal the carbon to the skin. This also helps to stop the carbon from smudging when you start tattooing.
If you have any question on how to use the stencil kit please email or call us on 0182760601