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Unigloves Select  Black Lap Cloths - Ink Stop Consumables

Unigloves Select Black Lap Cloths

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These are high quality, medical grade, 2 ply towels that provide a perfect and sanitary way of cleaning up spills or excess bodily fluids that may occur during the process of tattooing or piercing a customer. It is always helpful to have items like these at hand just in case, you may never use them or you may find that you rely on them on a regular basis. Regardless of your preference we are sure to have something to suit your requirements, with these particular towels being available in a fantastic selection of colours including pink, blue and black and offering dimensions of 33cm x 45cm, to ensure that you have a size sheet that will easily handle a majority of small inks spills or light bleeds, without being so large that it gets in the way and becomes a hindrance.